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Due to essential maintenance, we won't be able to take payments over the phone or online between 12pm on Monday 16 July and 12pm on Tuesday 17 July. Cashiers desks at local offices will also be closed

Local development scheme

The Sandwell Local Development Scheme (LDS) is part of the Sandwell Local Plan.

The Local Plan is a portfolio of town planning documents for the Borough. The documents include development plan documents (DPDs) that are part of the statutory development plan and supplementary planning documents which expand policies set out in a DPD or provide additional detail, as well as a Statement of Community Involvement and an Annual Monitoring Report.

The Sandwell LDS, which was approved by Cabinet on 13th December 2017,  is the Council's programme for the production of the Sandwell's Development Plan Documents. This includes a list of existing documents and sets out the details including a which  maps out the timeperiod for the additional programme documents.