Air quality

Sandwell's air quality action plan

We are in the process of updating our air quality plan and want to hear what you think about  our proposals to tackle poor air quality.  We’ll use your feedback to help us form a new air quality action plan later this year.

You can download our draft Air Quality Action Plan.

There are many ways for members of the public to become involved in improving air quality - for example walking, cycling and using public transport whenever you can all help to minimize the number of cars on the road.

You can ask your employer and at your local school whether there is a travel plan in place. You could get involved in car sharing, use Sandwell's car share website to find potential matches for the journeys you make. Try eco driving; link your journeys to avoid making several short trips. Avoid aggressive driving harsh as acceleration and breaking generates more pollutant emissions. Avoid carrying unnecessary loads.

You can download the council's current Air Quality Action Plan 2009.

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