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Book a pest control treatment for fleas

The council offers pest control treatment for fleas in occupied (not empty) houses. There is a £50 charge unless you receive certain benefits.

If you would prefer, you can approach an independent pest control company.

Fleas can easily travel through hairs or feathers because of their streamlined shape. Their colour varies from light brown to almost black, but they are normally reddish brown and between 1-8mm long. Cat fleas are 2mm in length.

The flea can jump over 200 times the length of its body. Over three quarters of all infestations are caused by the cat flea which is mainly found in a cat's bedding and surrounding area. Bites, a deep red spot in a reddened area, can be painful and itchy and may not show for 24 hours. They can live for 12 months without feeding.

What you need to do

  • Speak to your vet about treating your pet for fleas.
  • Make sure you regularly clean your animal’s bedding.
  • If you are using a vacuum use a small amount of crawling insect powder inside the bag or cylinder.

If you decide to use any flea treatments yourself, always read the label before you buy to make sure it is suitable and follow the instructions carefully.

Book a pest control treatment for a flea infestation