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Book a pest control treatment for mice

The council offers free treatment for mice infestations in occupied (not empty) homes in Sandwell. If you would prefer, you can approach an independent pest control company.

Adult mice weigh between 10 and 25 grams, are between 7.5 and 10cm long and are grey underneath. Their ears are large in relation to their body, whilst the tail is the same length as the head and body combined.

Although mainly living in houses they may live outdoors for part or all of the year. Once in the house they can be found in kitchen cupboards, under floors, in roof spaces, in pipe or cable
ducting or in airing cupboards.

Mice are mostly nocturnal. If you have mice you may hear scuffling noises, see droppings (small, spindle shaped droppings up to a quarter of an inch long) and gnawed food. You may also see nesting materials or the mice themselves.

What you should do

If you think you have a mouse problem you will need professional help to control them as they breed rapidly. The following simple rules can help to minimise the risk of mice:

  • Do not leave any excess food waste outside overnight.
  • Make sure food preparation areas and work surfaces are thoroughly cleaned.
  • Place all household rubbish in the dustbin, keeping the lid shut.
  • Make sure any holes around waste pipes, under doors or in air vents are less than 6mm.

When carrying out any pest treatment yourself always read the container’s label before you buy to make sure it is suitable and follow the instructions carefully.

Book a pest control treatment for a mouse infestation