Download eBooks and digital audiobooks

Sandwell library members can download eBooks and digital talking books for free. We have a range of fiction and non-fiction titles available for you to enjoy.


An eBook is an electronic version of a printed book which can be downloaded and read on a computer or mobile device, like a smartphone or a tablet.

You may need to install software to read the eBooks but you should only have to do this once when you first start using the service.

Instructions are available on how to install software, download eBooks and a list of compatible devices.

You will need your library card and pin number to download an eBook.

If you don't already have a pin number please contact your library where a member of staff can set one up for you.

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Digital audiobooks

A digital audiobook or 'eAudiobook' is an electronic version of a spoken word book, like books on tape or CD.


Download free audiobooks. Download titles by your favourite authors and listen anywhere!



As well as being used on computers and laptops eAudiobooks are compatible with a large range of mobile devices, including MP3 players, smartphones, tablets and other portable music players.

You will need to create an account with OneClickDigital to start using the service and you will need to have your Sandwell library account number to register.

A help guide and list of FAQs is available which tell you what software you need to start using the service and which devices are compatible.

Browse and download eAudiobooks