Forge Mill Farm

Forge Mill history

Jersey cowsForge Mill started life as a slitting mill for iron in the Sixteenth Century, a furnace nearby provided the raw material and the mill drove machinery which turned it into rods of iron.

Later it became a flour mill and animal feed mill before the water levels dropped so much that it became impossible to work.

You can see the remains of the mounting for the wheel in the side of the building, but we are not sure where the furnace stood. One possibility is across the road at Forge Farm, as aerial photographs show marks that could be the remains of slag heaps.

Forge Mill was one of several mills along the valley of the River Tame in Sandwell - another one stood at the side of Swan Pool and there was also one at Bustleholme Lane on the other side of the Newton Road which survived until the second half of the last century.

Until April 2012, Forge Mill Farm was the home to a herd of pedigree Jersey Cows. It was known as the Wasson Herd and produced very fine quality milk for many years.

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