Grounds maintenance programmed work

Grounds maintenance programme spring 2019

Following a busy Winter collecting and mulching leaves, edging grass plots, lifting low growing or over-hanging trees from our mowing routes , and supporting our Highways teams with gritting and filling grit bins, we are preparing for our spring and summer season, which will include:

  • Grass Cutting – weather permitting starting 1st April 2019, however work may start before this on some grass plots – you can expect grass to be cut approximately once every 3 to 4 weeks, but we don’t collect the grass cuttings! Some locations do receive a ‘prestige’ grass cutting service, where grass is cut more frequently and cuttings are collected, however these are limited to a number of historic locations, mainly around bungalow or formal areas – did you know that we have to take on an extra 21 employees every year for the mowing season, and that over 40 people are involved in grass cutting each year!
  • Weed Control – again depending on weather, our herbicide programme to treat weeds on Highways, Footpaths and hard surfaces around our Council Buildings and Housing Estates is due to start on 18th March 2019. We will be aiming to treat all areas twice this year;
  •  Summer Bedding – we will be preparing and planting out our summer bedding in our Parks and formal areas;
  • Wildflowers – we will again be sowing wildflower seeds in a number of locations around Sandwell to provide a splash of colour as well as providing a habitat for insects and bees.
  • Sports – we will continue to mark out and maintain our sports pitches including bowling greens, cricket wickets and over 30 football pitches.

Please Note: Due to legislation regarding nesting birds and their habitats, we do not undertake hedge cutting between March and August each year. From September we then carry out an extensive hedge cutting programme.