Sandwell Council House reception will be closed from 1pm on Tuesday 21 May

The main reception at Sandwell Council House, Oldbury, will be closed from 1pm on Tuesday 21 May due to Annual Council. The reception will re-open as normal at 9am on Wednesday 22 May. Access council services online →

Community Activity Network

As part of its drive to boost levels of physical activity, the council has introduced Community Activity Network Development Officers (CANDO) in each of Sandwell’s six towns.

Physical activity can help increase health and wellbeing and the aim of the CANDO team can help to make it easier for residents to enjoy getting more active and play more sports. 

Please contact your CANDO officer if you are a group of residents who want to increase your physical activity levels – funding may be available!

Oldbury - Megan Smith, 07855 130999 @OldburyCAN on Twitter Oldbury CAN Facebook page.

Rowley - Matt Hill, 07790 945111 @RowleyCANDO on Twitter Rowley CAN Facebook page

Smethwick - Ricky Byrnes, 07790 945124 @SmethwickCANDO on Twitter Smethwick CAN Facebook page

Tipton - Katie Deeley, 07790 945109 @TiptonCAN on Twitter Tipton CAN Facebook page

Wednesbury - Katie Deeley, 07790 945109 @CANDOWednesbury on Twitter Wednesbury CAN Facebook page

West Bromwich - Eilish O'Callaghan, 07790 945108 @WestBromwichCAN on Twitter West BromwichCAN Facebook page

To find out more about physical activity sessions in your local area visit our brand new Sandwell CAN website.