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Design and Maintenance

What we do

There are seven placements in this area and applications are open from 30 January 2020.  Interviews will take place during half-term in February 2020. Dates to be confirmed.

The design of buildings and the spaces around them is a creative process involving architects, landscape architects, engineers, surveyors and other experts.  They produce drawings and documents that are used by contractors or smaller builders to construct these designs for a range of different clients or customers.  These buildings may be leisure centres, office blocks, homes or shopping centres or a mix of uses, complete with roads, parking and attractive landscape spaces between them.

Once built the maintenance of these buildings and their landscape is the process of looking after them as they are used throughout their lifetime.  During this time parts of the buildings may need replacing, redecorating or simply repaired as they are used.  Sometimes it may involve changing the use of these buildings and more recently it has become very important to make them use less energy for lighting and heating.

More information about the services we provide can be found on our brochure.

Multi-disciplinary design

This includes architecture, landscape architecture, structural engineering and quantity surveying. 

See job description for Design and Maintenance

Asset Management

We arrange the repairs and maintenance for council property such as schools, libraries, community centres, office buildings and resource centres.

You can learn how to:-

  • Use the councils property management information system and enhance your skills in the use of spreadsheets, word processing and database software
  • Work as part of  a team and use your communication skills to provide evidence to clients in maintaining their building

See job description for Asset Management Assistant

Our Repairs and Maintenance Partners Dodd Group and Graham also offer work experience placements for further details and to apply please contact the following people.

Graham – Kelly Grant 0121 222 4120 (carrying out a variety of repairs, general understanding of the office set up and the roles of employees within the office.) Operatives will collect from Sandwell base.

Dodd Group – 0121 704 6283 (office based) Smethwick