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What we do

The Communications Unit as a whole has one overriding aim - to protect the council's reputation.

The Press Office contributes to this by fighting the council's corner in newspapers, magazines, radio, TV, websites and, more and more these days, social media.

We do this in a variety of ways - everything from news releases (over 1,000 a year) to taking a look at the proposed answers to Freedom of Information enquiries.

The corporate marketing team is responsible for the promotion of Sandwell Council and its services to all external audiences and council employees. Key areas of our work include writing and implementing full marketing communications campaigns that promote council services, manage the Sandwell Council brand, and monitor and enforce Sandwell Council's corporate identity

The Sandwell Council website is managed by the Web Services Team who provide training, support and advice to Content Editors, Web Publishers or anyone wishing to add or update information on the council website.

You will learn:-

  • To write press releases for the media
  • Learn how campaigns are created and delivered to audiences
  • How we use social media to engage with the public