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Working for Sandwell Council

Recruitment incentives

Information on removal, resettlement and other expenses when looking for a job with Sandwell Council.

Application of Scheme

The scheme shall apply to any employee appointed to the service of the Council on a salary scale rising not less than the maximum of Band C or its equivalent and who, at the time he/she accepts the appointment, is resident in a place where he/she could not reasonably be expected to continue to reside if he/she were to carry out his/her duties for the Council. However employees residing less than 25 miles from their place of work will not be eligible. An amended scheme applies to employees on Fixed Term Contracts.

Removal and Resettlement Expenses

The person to whom this applies shall be reimbursed the costs by him/her of:

  1. expenses of removing household furniture and effects including storage and insurance of goods in transit; and may, at the discretion of the Head of Service concerned where he/she is of the opinion that the post to be filled is, at the time concerned, a "key post" be reimbursed the costs incurred by him/her under heads (b), (c) and (d) below.
  2. legal, house agents, mortgage redemption, stamp duty and survey fees.
  3. a disturbance and settling in allowance to cover reasonable incidental expenses connected with moving home (alteration or replacement of curtains, fixtures and fittings; relaying of floor covering; conversion and installation of electrical appliances etc) and losses on items such as season travel tickets etc. The allowance under this head shall not exceed the expense actually incurred.
  4. traveling and subsistence expenses of him/herself and his/her dependents in connection with the removal and house hunting, for up to three weekends in any 26 week period.

The above expenses are subject to a maximum of £6,500 in total.

Lodging Allowances

A person to whom this scheme applies who enters lodgings in the area as a temporary measure before the removal of his/her household may be paid the current allowance for bed and breakfast plus dinner as provided in the National Scheme of Conditions, together with an allowance equivalent to second class rail fare at weekends to his/her home up to a maximum of 26 weeks.

Alternatively, the person may be offered free housing for up to 26 weeks so that he/she may bring their family to the area upon commencing employment.

Subject to the discretion of the Head of Service concerned it may also be possible for the person to travel to work each day from his/her existing residence as an alternative to lodging in the area. The person may be allowed to claim for a season travel ticket provided the amount does not exceed that payable in respect of a lodging allowance.


  1. The removal shall take place within twelve months of the employees date of appointment unless there are unusual and acceptable reasons for delays in which case the period may be extended to eighteen months.
  2. The allowance in respect of removal of furniture and effects shall be equal to the lower of two competitive tenders.
  3. The costs in respect of legal work and estate agents fees shall be based on the lowest of two competitive quotes.
  4. The employee concerned shall enter into an agreement to provide that in the event of his/her leaving the service of the Council within three years of his/her having received a payment he/she will repay to the Council the following proportions of the amount received:
    1. Leaving within 12 months - 100% of the amount paid.
    2. Leaving within 24 months - 66% of the amount paid.
    3. Leaving within 36 months - 33% of the amount paid.
  5. A claim by an officer for reimbursement of expenses shall be paid only on production of receipts and/or satisfactory certificates of the expenditure incurred. 

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