Private landlord advice

Housing in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

For a in depth explanation about HMO Licensing then please visit the website. This will also allow you to apply for a HMO Licence.

If you rent out a property to 3 or more people who are not related, this is classed as a HMO. If the property has 5 or more people who are living in 2 or more households, this means that the property is a Licensable HMO and you should apply for a Licence

This is where people who are in a shared property (like students) or in bedsit style rooms, where each tenant may or may not know their neighbour.

To be classed as a HMO, the house has to have 3 or more people in 2 or more households sharing an amenity such as a kitchen, bathroom or both. For example 2 nurses share a house. This is NOT a HMO. However, if one of the nurses moves their boyfriend in, this would make is a HMO, as it has now become 3 people in 2 households. It is not, however, a Licensable HMO.

HMO's are currently only Licensable is there are 5 people in 2 or more households sharing amenities. 

Apply for a HMO licence