Look out for your voter registration letter

We've written to every household in Sandwell to make sure the electoral register is up to date. Please confirm your details as soon as you can →

Gardening service for council tenants

If you are:

  • Aged 60 or over, disabled (in receipt of a disability benefit) and with no-one living with you* 

we may be able to help you with your garden.

This is a one-off service to help tenants to maintain their garden in the future once the work has been done.

We can help council tenants with:

  • pruning shrubs and bushes
  • cutting grass, nettles and brambles
  • cutting back trees or bushes that are causing a problem.

To ask for help with gardening, please contact your nearest Local centre to arrange a home visit.

*If you do not meet these requirements we still may be able to help, but you will be charged for any services that we provide. Costs will be based on the extent of the work carried out and will be agreed prior to any work being started.