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Other ways to report a repair

Reporting repairs during the coronavirus pandemic

We are currently prioritising our repairs workloads so we can focus on emergency repairs only.

For emergency repairs only call 0121 569 6000.

Please do not log non-emergency repairs online or by phone as this puts extra pressure on our staff and the repair won’t be processed.

Here’s a list of emergency repairs:

  • No electricity
  • No heating or hot water
  • Burst pipe
  • Front or back door not secure
  • Boarding up needed of a window or door
  • Leaking roof
  • Toilet not working when it’s the only toilet in the house
  • Blocked drain
  • Gas servicing

If you can smell gas, call the National Gas Emergency Number -  0800 111999

If your repair is not classed  as an emergency by the call centre, it will not be logged and you will be asked to call again at a later time.

Please only call if it’s an emergency – this will allow us to help tenants reporting emergency repairs.

Thank you for your patience.

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday, 8am to 8pm

When you report an emergency repair, or if someone is reporting it on your behalf, please have these details ready:

  • Your name (or the tenant's name)
  • Your address (or the tenant's address)
  • A contact telephone number
  • Dates and times when it would be convenient for us to come and repair the problem
  • As much information as possible about the repair (the step-by-step guide in the tenants handbook will help)
  • Any special details the person coming to do the repair should know, such as if you or the tenant has a disability and needs time to answer the door.

‚ÄčFind out how to contact us in an emergency outside office hours.