Get Active

Getting up, and being active is a great way to feel great!

It's recommended that adults get 5 x 30mins of exercise every week... that sounds alot, but things like walking to the shops, or washing the car all count.

There's loads of information on what's going on in Sandwell, in our leisure centres, parks and events by visiting the Time to get active pages on the website.

Our Community Activity Network (CAN) work with local organisations across the 6 towns, to help people get more active. They work hard to make people's lives better by giving them the chance to take part in, and enjoy more physical activity. They are working on a new website, which will be live in summer 2016.

physical activity icons
There's tailored support for all ages, families and individuals to get Sandwell more active, eating better and maintaining a healthy weight for good. This support includes:

  • Free sessions based around a personalised plan
  • Ongoing support from a professional
  • Group sessions
  • Exercise classes including Zumba, aerobics, and moderate classes for those less able
  • Discounted gym membership
  • Cooking and eating support workshops
  • Cycling sessions
  • Walking groups

To sign up to these sessions, you will need to set up an appointment to discuss the options in detail, and see if you are eligible.  Call today on 0800 011 4656, or fill in this form to be referred to our services.