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NHS Health Check

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The NHS Health Check is a national screening programme for 40-74 year olds, a bit like an MOT for your body, to check aspects of your health which could lead to conditions like heart disease, diabetes and stroke.

The check happens every five years, so if you have had one recently you don't need to see us. Also, if you are already seeing your GP for some conditions like diabetes and angina, you don't need to come for the check, as you are already getting the treatment you need. We can go through the eligibility criteria over the phone, or you can check our website for further information.

The check is completely FREE, and will only take 30 minutes of your time. In the private appointment, the professional will take a few measurements (height and weight), test your cholesterol levels and check your blood pressure.

They will go through the results with you there and then, so you don't need to wait. You will get some advice about how to reduce your risk of serious conditions like diabetes, or heart problems, and be told about free support and services that you can access in Sandwell.

In its first 5 years, the NHS Health Check is estimated to have prevented 2,500 heart attacks or strokes. This is the result of people receiving treatment after their Health Check.

The latest research suggests that:

  • for every 27 people having an NHS Health Check, 1 person is diagnosed with high blood pressure
  • for every 110 people having a Health Check, 1 person is diagnosed with type 2 diabetes
  • for every 265 people having a Health Check, 1 person is diagnosed with kidney disease

The NHS Health Check could prevent:

diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease, stoke and dementia and more

Get your NHS Health Check today by completing this form, or calling us on 0800 011 4656 or 0121 569 5100. We have more information about the NHS Health Check on our Healthy Sandwell website.

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