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Feel Good 6






Meet up, build relationships and make friends.

Connecting with people and what's going on around you will support and enrich you every day.

It's important for us to feel close to others, and be valued by those around us. So connect with your friends, family and people at work or neighbours. Have a conversation, make time for someone new, and simply ask someone how their day is going.

Top tips to connect more:

  • show interest in a friend or colleague's life
  • have lunch with someone new
  • text someone you haven't contacted in a while
  • ask a neighbour how they are
  • make some time to spend with a friend or family member and do something fun together
  • look at what's going on in your local library or community centre
  • find out about local groups you could join


Be part of Sandwell's Feel Good 6, and connect with someone today.


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