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Healthy eating can be easier than you think. There's loads on offer in Sandwell to help you, your family and friends eat well and feel great.

"Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants", is short and simple healthy eating advice by Michael Pollen.

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What is healthy?

A healthy diet gives you the right amount of energy, vitamins and minerals so that your body can work properly.

It also reduces the risk of heart disease, diabetes, strokes and certain cancers.

Look at the national Eatwell Guide to understand more about what is great for your body.


What is going on in Sandwell?

There's lots of groups and activities that Sandwell residents can join and take part it. From community food activities, to food festivals, there's something for everyone. Find out more by visiting our Local activities pages.


Healthy eating and schools

Our schools are working hard to help provide healthier school meals, and help children learn how to eat well and move more. Nationally, School Zone offers resources for schools to use and can be accessed here.


Local food businesses

Sandwell businesses are making changes to their products and processes ro make healthier choices easier. If you run a food business, or are thinking of starting one, visit the Food and Drink Businesses Centre.


Policies and guidance

There's loads of national guidance and local policies that can help you understand more about healthy food, and standards that are expected for local businesses. You find out more about local food policies here.












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