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Foster carers' charter, handbook and training plan

Sandwell Council is committed to providing the best possible service to children and young people in our care.

Sandwell’s fostering service, and Sandwell’s children’s services as a whole, are continually working to improve the journey of the child through care and we thank you for supporting us in the provision of this vital service.

With a joined-up approach we can all do this together by ensuring we adhere to the pledges made regarding working together, as outlined in our foster carers' charter. Sandwell’s shared vision will continually be expressed through various support groups, giving us all a shared voice in continually improving the quality of care to all children and young people in our care.

The relationship between the child and foster family can make a big difference to the child's life.

To assist you in your role as foster carer we aim to ensure that you have access to high quality training, support and guidance. To this end, with your involvement, we have produced a foster carers' handbook which has been designed as a live document for new and established foster carers.

The handbook aims to provide helpful guidelines and information on procedures in children's and families' services, as well as good practice, and is a useful reference guide. It has links to the minimum standards for fostering services and references to the relevant training, support and development standards. Foster carers can use the handbook to support learning and development, particularly in relation to meeting the induction standards.

Foster carers play an important role in the lives of looked after children and their families, so it is important that the necessary tools are available to support you with this task.

Contact: 0121 569 3101

Welcome to the training and development brochure for foster carers

We hope you will enjoy the learning programmes on offer and that the training sessions will inspire you in your personal and professional development, as well as prepare you to face the challenges of caring for and improving the lives of your young people.

To book your place on training sessions from the training and development brochure: