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Working within social care

What we do

Adult Social Care

Our Adult Social Care service is responsible for making sure that vulnerable people can live as independently as they can with their care and support needs being met in ways that they choose. This can range from personal care at home to taking part in social and leisure activities in the community.

By vulnerable people we mean those who need support with daily living tasks because of age, illness or disability.

We also make sure that a range of support is available to people who have caring responsibilities.

There are lots of things you can do during your work experience in Adult Social Care. We will talk to you about the areas you are most interested in.

You will learn:-
  • how to work in a care setting - from care homes to day centres
  • how to interact with people with dementia - how to see the person first and not the condition
  • about supporting people with meals, drinks and nutrition
  • how to treat people with dignity and respect
  • to support people with learning disabilities or dementia to take part in leisure activities
  • general domestic duties in a residential unit
  • about how electronic equipment and adaptations can help people stay independent
  • distribution, maintenance and supply of specialist equipment
  • about working in a call centre
  • business administration

Children's Services

Children's Social Care is responsible for working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and families. There are a range of services that ensure this happens and they belong to a service area called Children's Services.

Working to safeguard and promote the welfare of children, young people and families, is completed by using a variety of services such as:

  • Referral and Assessment
  • Care Management
  • Fostering and Adoption
  • Quality and development
  • Business Administration that supports the areas above
  • Commissioning
  • Organisational Effectiveness
  • Senior Management support
  • Youth Services
  • Targeted Youth Support

There are lots of things to do during your work experience in Children's Services.

You will learn:-
  • What kind of work goes on in the different service areas;
  • about working on reception;
  • how to manage your time;
  • how to communicate effectively with different people, internally and externally to the council; 
  • about key partners who help us deliver our services;
  • business elements;
  • administrative skills;
  • about interpersonal skills;
  • what it means to be part of the "Children's Workforce";
  • about team working;
  • about what it means to work on your own initiative;
  • about project work;
  • about effective ways to engage with young people in the design of services;  
  • about general and outdoor youth work
  • what targeted youth services do