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Register to vote - the household canvass 2017

The register of electors is updated annually and a revised register is published on 1 December each year.

Every summer, by law we have to write to all households to check who is registered and update our electoral register by 1 December.

We have sent more than 130,000 household enquiry forms to households across Sandwell addressed to 'the occupier'. Look out for yours - it will be in a white envelope.

You need to confirm or amend your details so the register is accurate and up-to-date and everyone who is entitled to vote can do so.

All households must respond - even if they have no changes. It's now easier than ever to respond.

If you have no changes

The quickest and easiest way to confirm your details is by using one of the three services below and quoting your two-part security code printed on your form:

  • online
  • automated telephone line
  • text

Alternatively, you can simply complete and post the form back to us in the freepost envelope.

If you have changes

You can easily make changes by using the online service, quoting your two-part security code printed on your form. Alternatively, you can complete and post the form back to us in the free post envelope.

If you need to add a person or are new to the property you need to respond to the household enquiry form.

Next, you will need to register to vote or can wait for the invitation form which we'll send out to you in receipt of your household enquiry form. You will need your National Insurance number to register.

If you don't respond

We’ll send a reminder, followed by a visit from a canvasser who will encourage you to complete the form. It's quick and easy online, and takes less than five minutes.

If you still don't respond you risk being removed from the register.

If you're not registered you can’t vote and your credit score may be affected.