Results of the 2016 West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC) election

Elected: David Jamieson  - Labour Party 

Full results for the West Midlands Police and Crime Commissioner Election 2016

The PCC election uses the supplementary voting system meaning each voter can choose their first and second choice of candidate.

The winner has to receive 50% of the total first preference votes plus one vote. If this does not happen, second preference votes will also be taken into account.

This year has resulted in both first and second choice votes being counted as there was no clear winner across the West Midlands based on the first preference votes.

Results in Sandwell for first preference votes

Candidate Party Number of first preference votes in Sandwell
Pete Durnell UK Independence Party (UKIP) 11,702
Andy Flynn Independent 2,662
David Jamieson Labour 36,031
Les Jones Conservative 8,622

Electorate: 227,471

Number of spoilt papers: 2,332

Total number of votes: 61,349

Percentage turnout: 26.97%

Results in Sandwell for second preference votes

The votes is now between the two candidates who got the highest number of first choice votes.

We will update this page with the results in Sandwell once the second choice votes have been counted.

Candidate Party Number of second preference votes in Sandwell
David Jamieson Labour 3,438
Les Jones Conservative 3,056

Total rejected: 1,815