Cabinet and council structure

The leader of the council is Councillor Steve Eling and he has a cabinet of councillors known as cabinet members.

Each cabinet member is responsible for specific issues and services - this is known as their portfolio.

The cabinet members for 2017/18 are:

  • Deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for neighbourhoods and communities - Councillor Syeda Khatun
  • Cabinet member for children's services - Councillor Simon Hackett
  • Cabinet member for core council services - Councillor Steve Trow
  • Cabinet member for highways and environment - Councillor David Hosell
  • Cabinet member for housing - Councillor Kerrie Carmichael
  • Cabinet member for leisure - Councillor Richard Marshall
  • Cabinet member for public health and protection - Councillor Elaine Costigan
  • Cabinet member for regeneration and economic investment - Councillor Paul Moore
  • Cabinet member for social care - Councillor Ann Shackleton

The council also has a number of scrutiny boards. The chairs of these boards for 2017/18 are:

  • Budget and corporate scrutiny management board - Councillor Peter Hughes
  • Children's services and education scrutiny board - Councillor Joyce Underhill
  • Economy, skills, transport and environment scrutiny board - Councillor Laura Hickey
  • Health and adult social care scrutiny board - Councillor Elaine Giles
  • Safer neighbourhoods and active communities scrutiny board - Councillor Joy Edis

The council's constitution sets out the procedures, regulations and protocols in relation to decision making.You can find this document on the council's Committee Management Information System Public Documents.