Cabinet and council structure

Each cabinet member is responsible for specific issues and services - this is known as their portfolio.

The cabinet members for 2018/19 are:

  • Leader of the Council - Councillor Steve Trow
  • Deputy leader of the council and cabinet member for neighbourhoods and communities - Councillor Syeda Khatun
  • Cabinet member for children's services - Councillor Simon Hackett
  • Cabinet member for housing - Councillor Kerrie Carmichael
  • Cabinet member for leisure and commonwealth games - Councillor Bill Gavan
  • Cabinet member for public health and protection - Councillor Elaine Costigan
  • Cabinet member for regeneration and economic investment - Councillor Paul Moore
  • Cabinet member for social care - Councillor Ann Shackleton

The council also has a number of scrutiny boards. The chairs of these boards for 2018/19 are:

  • Budget and corporate scrutiny management board - Councillor Peter Hughes
  • Children's services and education scrutiny board - Councillor Joyce Underhill
  • Economy, skills, transport and environment scrutiny board - Councillor Laura Hickey
  • Health and adult social care scrutiny board - Councillor Elaine Giles
  • Safer neighbourhoods and active communities scrutiny board - Councillor Zahoor Ahmed

The council's constitution sets out the procedures, regulations and protocols in relation to decision making.You can find this document on the council's Committee Management Information System.