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The approach

Approach 540x358 landscapeSandwell is already benefiting from major investment, with over £500 million-worth of development in our principal town of West Bromwich and relishing the prospect of a new £370 million hospital, along with new homes in neighbouring Smethwick. We believe, though, there is still room for growth in all sectors to make sure we create a good environment in which to invest, live and work. We are also confident that - with the right approach - we can bring vacant sites back into productive use. We are ready to work in partnership with developers, helping them throughout the process of transforming sites into profitable enterprises.  

Development Ready is a new approach to supporting development in Sandwell that will proactively work with developers and investors to progress regeneration throughout the Borough. Development Ready includes; site identification, site marketing, planning guidance and urban design advice. The key to Development Ready is the dedicated professional support developers will be able access without charge. This comprises a three pronged approach; 

  • The Development Ready Team provides dedicated officer support to the client and proactively identifies and markets both public and private opportunity sites. The Development Ready team are able to allocate available Council resources to acquire land to support wider regeneration objectives or grants to undertake, for example, site investigations to make sites more viable and attractive. The Development Ready Charter outlines the level of service developers will receive from the Council and the Local Planning Authority;
  • The Pre-Application Development Group progress the development of sites following the identification of a prospective Developer. The group will support developers to realise the potential of sites through the guiding development and de-risking schemes of strategic importance. Further engagement to discuss more detailed design and access issues prior to the submission of a planning application will also be provided;
  • The Urban Design Panel are an advisory panel to ensure schemes are of an appropriate standard to obtain planning permission. The panel will review strategically important proposals prior to submission and provide an alternative advisory role to MADE. 

For further information regarding the services provided by Development Ready email Development_Ready@sandwell.gov.uk or download the Development Ready Brochure.