Change in circumstances

You must tell us immediately if any of your circumstances change whilst you are receiving Housing Benefit or Council Tax Reduction. 

If you don't tell us of any changes within one calendar month and the change would increase your benefit/reduction, you may only receive the increased amount from the Monday after you told us.

If the change results in your benefit/reduction reducing, this will apply from the Monday after the date the change happened and you will have to pay back any amount you shouldn't have received.

Moving house?

If you're moving you can easily tell us where you're moving to using one of our online change of address forms.

Change of bank account

If the bank account where we pay your Housing Benefit in to changes you need to tell us.

Other changes in circumstance

If any of the following is applicable you need to tell us by completing our change in circumstances form.

Changes in your income

  • If your private/occupational pension changes
  • If your salary or wages increase or decrease
  • If there is any other change in the money you or your partner receive
  • If there are changes in the income of non dependants who live in your home

The DWP and HMRC will notify the council directly of any changes to incomes.

Changes in your home

  • If the number of people who live with you changes
  • A partner comes to live with you or leaves your home

Any other changes

  • If you or your partner go into hospital for more than six weeks
  • If either you or your partner either become or stop being a student
  • The amount of any savings or capital you have change

Third Party Authorisation

Please be aware that we can only discuss an a benefit claim with the person claiming the benefit. If you want someone else to be able to contact us on your behalf please fill in our Third Party Authorisation form.

Providing evidence

For information on how to send us your evidence and how you will get it back please visit our providing evidence page. 

Electoral register

Have you registered to vote?