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Get Online

Did you know that although digital impacts each and every one of us in our daily lives, more than 5.3 million  people in the UK have never been online and 11.9 million  do not have the essential digital skills to navigate their way through life and work.

As part of our Digital Strategy 2018-21 we are committed to helping to reduce digital exclusion across the borough in partnership with our community and voluntary sector partners. 

This October, we took part in Get Online Week- a national digital inclusion campaign organised by the Good Things Foundation. (Good Things Foundations). A borough-wide event, residents were encouraged to take part in a range of activities that encouraged and inspired communities to go online and become digitally confident. The success of these events has encouraged us to plan a new cohort of events and activities with our community and voluntary sector next year.

For regular digital activities taking place in libraries across Sandwell please see below:

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